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Annual Membership Dues and Fees

Interested in joining our club?

You are welcome to stop by and visit with us at our flying site or come to any meeting, guests are always welcome! Please introduce yourself as a visitor and let us know that you are interested in our club; we'll be happy to talk to you. Feel free to ask for an officer or simply say hi to any member, we're very friendly!

If you would like to join our club, print out our online Membership Application on your local printer, then fill it out, sign and date it, include a copy of your AMA1 card and a check for your first year's dues (see the online membership calculator to help you understand our dues structure) and mail it to us via the U.S. Postal service (no email applications please, we must have your membership application with your signature on it).

We'll consider your application for membership at the next meeting after your name has been published in our newsletter. Please keep in mind that if you are already a proficient pilot, you must pass our flight proficiency exam and you will have to find a current club member to sponsor you.

If you prefer to pay for your membership online with your credit card or PayPal account, please remember that you still have to send your membership application to us before we will process it.

Membership Type Annual Dues
Standard (19+) $80
Junior (under 19) $30
Miscellaneous Fees  
Flight School (one time fee for new pilots) $20
Field Maintenance fee (conditional) for prior year - renewing members only $20
Newsletter Deliver via USPS $7
Replacement Field Access Key $3


Club Membership/Renewal Application

The following steps are required to become a member and be able to fly at the NH Flying Tigers R/C Club, Inc.

  1. Fill out and sign this NH Flying Tigers membership application and renewal form.
  2. Pay for your membership in full, including all membership options.
  3. Have your name published in our newsletter informing our members that you are applying for membership.
  4. Have your membership application approved by a vote of the members present at the next business meeting.
  5. Either Join our flight training program or Find a member to sponsor you.
  6. Pass our flight proficiency exam.

You may bring the application and renewal form along with your payment in full and present it in person at the next business meeting, or you may mail it to:

The NH Flying Tigers R/C Club, Inc.
P.O. Box 99
Derry, NH 03038-0099

Initiation: An application for a new membership will include a one time initiation fee.

Annual Dues: The cost of dues are determined by your age on January 1st of the Membership year. As an example, if you are applying for a 2014 membership, then your age as of January 1st, 2014 will determine the amount of dues which you owe.

Flight School: This is a one time fee of $20 due only if you are entering our training program only when you are applying for membership. This is not a fee for your flight training (your flight training with our club instructors is free no matter how long it takes you to learn how to fly). This 'Flight School Fee' helps to defer the cost of the purchase and maintenance of the equipment we use to teach you how to safely fly. You do not have to pay this fee again upon membership renewal even if you will participating in our training program the following year as long as you keep your membership current. Note that if you are a proficient R/C pilot and will not be entering our training program, then you do not need to pay this fee, but you will need to find a current member to sponsor your membership in our club for one calendar year and you will also be required to pass a flight proficiency examination to prove that you are a proficient R/C pilot. Please refer to our club handbook and training overview for details on this program.

Newsletter delivery via the US Post Office: This fee is charged each year you have your newsletter delivered via the US Post Office. There is no charge for electronic delivery via E-mail notification of the newsletter3. Be sure to supply your valid E-Mail address for newsletter delivery on your application form.

Field Access Key: There is a charge for a field access key each time you need a new key.  New members receive one key.

Field Maintenance: First time membership applications do not pay this fee. This fee is due upon renewing your membership if you have not performed at least four hours of work for the club (such as cutting the grass) in the prior year.

Note 1: You must provide proof of membership in The Academy of Model Aeronautics before your application or renewal can be considered. Please include a photocopy of your AMA card with your application or renewal. All members MUST maintain a membership in the AMA to fly at our field.

If you are an Amateur Radio licensee and wish to fly using the 6 Meter HAM frequencies, you must include a photocopy of your Amateur Radio license with your application. You must maintain a valid Amateur Radio license to use any of the Amateur Radio Frequencies at our field.

Note 2: All membership applications and renewals are subject to all funds clearing the bank. Any returned checks will incur an additional cost to the application.

Note 3: No refund for switching to electronic delivery mid-year.

Note 4: The field access key may be changed periodically and you are responsible for the cost of the replacement key. Starting in 2010, there is a single key for both flying sites. You must agree to and sign the "Auburn Rd flying site usage rules" document each year.

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