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Getting Started


  • Basic Trainer
    There are many basic trainers available. If you have the time to build you might consider a kit the rewards of seeing an airplane fly that you built are great. If you want to get in the air quickly you might consider purchasing an ARF (almost ready to fly) kit or a RTF (ready to fly) kit.

    The basic requirements are listed below.

    1. High wing airplane
    2. Constant cord flat bottom wing
    3. Four basic controls
      • Throttle (controls altitude)
      • Rudder (controls yaw)
      • Elevator (controls pitch)
      • Ailerons (controls roll)
    4. Tricycle Gear
    5. Be large enough to see easily (40 size or bigger)
Basic Trainer Examples


Horizon Hobby

Apprentice S 15e 1.5m BNF with SAFE

Basic Trainer

Sig Manufacturing

LT-40 Trainer. Available in both kit and ARF form.

Basic Trainer


Alpha Trainer 40. Available in RRF (ready to fly) form.

Basic Trainer

Great Planes

PT-40 Trainer. Available in kit form.

Basic Trainer

Tower Hobbies

Trainer 40 available in both kit and ARF form.

  • Engine

    A basic 2 cycle glo fuel powered engine or the equivalent electric motor is all that's needed for your first trainer but there are always things to consider.

    Two cycle engines are offered in a variety of configurations. If you expect to use the engine in other aircraft after you've learned to fly. Then you may want to consider spending a little extra and getting an engine with ball bearings instead of bushings.

  • Electric power is also available in many trainer airplane kits today. These motors are powered by Lithium Polymer batteries and require special chargers.

  • Keep in mind that all engines in use at our flying site are subject to our maximum sound output of 98 dBA at 9 feet. Most modern 'training' type engines have a proper muffler and will meet this sound requirement when run with the recommended propeller. Some older engines may not. Please speak to a club instructor or officer if you have any questions about this.


Two Cycle Engine Examples

OS Engines 46 AX

Ball bearing brushless motor

E-flite 46 Brushless Motor
  • Radio System
    A basic four-channel radio system is all that's needed but again there are other considerations. Whatever radio system you purchase be sure it is buddy box (training cord) capable.

    If you purchase a basic four-channel radio to save money at frist, you will probably end up buying a second radio with more channels and features later. You can save yourself some money and aggravation by purchasing the more feature rich radio first.

    We recommend that you purchase a 2.4 GHz spread spectrum radio systems available from Futaba, JR, Airtronics and Spektrum.

Transmitter Examples

4 channel radio system

Futaba basic 4 channel radio system

6 channel radio system

Spektrum DX6 6 channel radio system
  • Support Equipment
    Support equipment can be broken down into two categories 1) necessary and 2) nice to have.
  • Necessary for Glo Fuel Powered Engines
    • Glo Fuel
      Available with synthetic or castor oil and with varying amounts of nitro methan.
      Synthetic oil with 10% nitro content is fine.
    • Fuel Pump
      Available as hand crank or electric.
      Electric pumps require a power source such as a 12v battery.
    • Ni-Starter
      A ni-starter is used to ignite the glo plug on the engine so it will start.
      They are available with and without built in meters that measure the current to the glo plug.
  • Necessary for Electric Powered Airplanes
    • Field Charger
    • Batteries
  • Nice to Have
    • Starter
      Used to start the engine.
      You can use a chicken stick or your finger to flip the prop.
      This is NOT recommended for safety reasons.
    • 12V Starter Battery
      Used to run the starter and fuel pump.
      A small gel cell with at least 7amps is reccomended.

All of the above are suggestions only. There are unlimited combinations and sometime this can be quite confusing. Please feel free to direct your questions to our Training Coordinator.

Better yet come out to field and introduce yourself and ask all the questions you like, our members are always willing to help.


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