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Northeast Aerodynamics Sportair 40 Build

What the kit looks like upon first inspection

So the first thing the instructions ask you to do is locate all the bulkheads identify them and mark center lines on them so when you build the fuse you can center them over the plan.

Center Lines on all Bulkheads

The vertical and horizontal stabilizers are made up of several different pieces I glued them together with yellow carpenters glue. I could have used CA but that would create a high spot when sanded the carpenters glue sands much easier than CA.

Vertical Stabilizer
Horizontal and vertical stabilizer

Next the firewall is prepared by adding blind nuts to hold the motor mount. A little epoxy on the blind nuts to hold them in place.

Motor mount blind nuts

The main landing gear is mounted in the wing so you need to add plywood doublers to the balsa wing ribs to strengthen them.

Wing rib doublers

Wing Panels page two


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