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Page 2 Sportair Wing

Wing panels are next. First step is to layout and glue all the bottom sheeting and rib cap strips

Bottom wing sheeting and rib cap strips

These are the rails that the main gear will slide into. I made up two new vertical end blocks out of hardwood because I wasn't happy with the ones included in the kit

Landing gear rail

Adding the bottom spar and wing ribs is next the landing gear rail is visible in this picture.

Adding spar and wing ribs

Glued in the main landing gear rail added some triangle stock to strengthen the joints

Main Landing gear rail

Adding shear webs to strengthen the wing

Shear webs

This version of the Sportair kit does not call for a dihedral brace it relies of fiberglassing the center section for strength. I decided to add a dihedral brace for extra strength and peace of mind. I also decided to decrease the dihedral a little.

Dihedral brace
Dihedral brace with spars in place

Cutting the slot for the main landing gear in the bottom sheeting.

Main landing gear slot
Main gear in place

Adding the sheeting and rib cap strips to the top of the wing panel

wing sheeting

Next in the instructions is adding the plywood doubler for the wing dowels

Plywood doubler for wing dowel

Next comes the wing tip

Wing tip
Wing tip bracing
Left wing panel

Here's the setup for the aileron Servo

Aileron Servo
Aileron Servo

Left wing panel is finished. When the right panel is finished I'll post some more pics of the completion of the wing

Wing Bolt Plate

Adding the wing bolt plate to the wing

Fiberglassing the wing center section for strength

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