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Page 3 Sportair Fuselage

The wing is finished so it's time to start the fuselage.

You begin by adding the firewall and other bulkheads to one of the fuselage sides. Next you add the other fuselage side.

Firewall and two of the other bulheads

After adding the second fuselage side you add some triangle stock and doublers to strengthen the fuse.

Triangle stock and doublers added for strength
More triangle stock and the wing bolt plate have been added

Next is to sheet the bottom of the fuse from the trailing edge of the wing to the tail

Bottom Sheeting

Then you add the top fuse side sheet.

Fuse top sheet added
Top fuse sheets added

Time to install the servos and pushrods before the fuse gets Sheeted

Ruder Elevator and Throttle servos
Elevator and Ruder Pushrods
Elevator and Ruder Pushrods

Next install the specially shaped triangle stock along the inside of the top side sheeting 

Special triangle stock

Adding the cross grain bottom sheeting 

Cross grain bottom sheeting

Starting to look like an airplane


Sheeting the front bottom of the fuse


Building the Fuel Tank Front Hatch

Here's a few pics of the hatch which covers the fuel tank compartment

On To The Covering

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